Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2014


Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2014

Google AdSense Approval Tips That Works  2014


This is my new blog and i am going to give you some tips and  tricks of  Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2014

  I am going to write an article about Google Adsense.Lot of new people ask me thousands of time that how to get Google Adsense? So I am write an article that how you can get Google Adsense in 2014.

There are some requirements for the Google AdSense actually . In order to obtain Adsense, there is no magic wand such . If you want to get an account of Google AdSense for your blog or website , if this is not the case, you must meet the requirements of Google does not have to allow the account of Adsense your Google you .India and favoritism , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Nepal , Indonesia , several countries , nepotism caused by AdSense for like some other thing no doubt . Check this thing back a few days I personally ; I was denied every time I you were to apply for a Google Adsense from Pakistan . I contact with my friends is Australia , within a few hours I got Adsense , I apply from there . Anyway, these countries , I am the top in violation of the policy of Google AdSense, cause I so those people even fair labor not getting Adsense to the overall situation of the above, this I think it's a good initiative in Adsense .Get tips some of the best in order to get an account of Google AdSense here . In your hands , these requirements , plays a Adsense , but before we go to where to apply for a Google AdSense, you please please read the Adsense program policies first .

 Traffic 1. Traffic / Source
Traffic is very essential to your blog also for
Google AdSense Approval . If you do not have any pictures, Google Adsense allows you to make an account. You will have your blog at least 400-500 visitors. We are getting a lot of new bloggers have more than that but still asks me that we are not getting AdSense. If you like Facebook's from one source or from any other source you will not get Adsense So the answer is very easy to get traffic. You must have traffic from search engines.

2. Websites Contents
Should have quality content on your website. You must publish the article in your website or blog is copyright free for
Google AdSense Approval. You are on rotation or copyright article, then forgot to get Adsense account. They do not allow copyrighted materials on the Google AdSense . AdSense It's a very clear policy of that. Try to produce quality content so should be free of pilgrimage.
Textual material for your blog or website, something like that should be included in the wallpaper that is another thing that you should keep in mind. Your each article should be no more than 500 words. Google will not allow you to wallpaper blog.

 3. You must have at least 40-45 posts.
You should have 40-45 high quality article for
Google AdSense Approval. High quality does not mean that the article should not be copyrighted? The articles should be well optimized, and the article should be at least 500-600 words. 

 4. Domain Age
AdSense policies, your domain should be six months of age, but this is not the time. And you are getting good traffic you have a good blog optimized, you can get the AdSense before, and if you do not have a good blog, even if you do not get six months later. Anyhow, this should be the domain of the policy is six months old Adsense.

 5. Site behavior
Should be easy to navigate and crawl to your website for
Google AdSense Approval . Your website should be easy to explore for both users and crawler means well. Contain malware on your site, or to crawl your website or annoy the user can navigate the pop-up should not contain. Your site to redirect users to unwanted websites, and the reader should not be forced to download anything.

 6. Use Top-Level Domain
. Com domain names will be more effective to get
Google AdSense Approval .Anyhow, do not play an important role in the domain name, but still very convenient to the commercial domain names.

 7. Select the best hosting
It is always better to choose the so-called hosting plans. Avoid using cheap hosting; It will destroy all your efforts. Etc. Hosgator, Godaddy, BlueHost, choose hosting like

 8. Crack theme / template does not use
Choose cracked premium theme or template instead. Item no crack just hate AdSense on your blog or website. About us private policy page

 9. The pages, please contact us page.
Add these three pages; These pages on your website is essential. It will display on your site is a real fake.  

10. Disable other ads.
If you are using before you apply for
Google AdSense , to remove all ads. Meets all the requirements for your site, Google AdSense, Google does not forget.

I hope that you will get Google AdSense Approval sool by following this tips.
If you Have any  question just comment.

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